– Forgive Me –

Forgive MeForgive Me

I Know This Isn’t What You Want
Nor What You Want To Hear
I Know That What I Did Was Wrong
That I Should Disappear

I Know How Much I Hurt You
Unintentional But Still…
I Know How Bad You Feel Inside
Now Drifting Down The Hill

It Hurts Me Too, To Cause This Pain
To See Your Hurting Heart
To Feel The Breath Within Your Chest
And Know I Played a Part

This Bleeding Love Left Out To Freeze
Turned Cold by Wicked Will
No Matter What I Do or Say
We Just Can’t Shake This Chill

These Bullets Made of Letters
Words and Sentences Combined
Pierce The Very Soul
And Leave Our Loyalty Behind

These Thoughts of Being Worried
Choke Our Throats Like Violent Weeds
They Coil In Entrapment
Fear and Dread From Which It Breeds

Now Cut This Tension With a Knife
Serrated On The Edge
Then Clear The Air To Breathe Once More
And Drive Away This Wedge

I’m Hoping You’ll Give Me a Chance
To Prove How Much You’re Worth
To Prove How Much You Mean To Me
This Love Needs Its Rebirth

Sleep Now Sees No Comfort
Whereas Food Has Lost Its Flavor
My Thoughts Have Been Corrupted
As I’ve Fallen Out of Favor

I’m Shedding Tears of Sorrow
At The Thought You’ll Let Me Go
To Cast Me Out of Yesterday
Just Tow Me, Kick Me – Throw

These Arguments are Poison
Hateful Lies We Know Aren’t Real
Aspersions Made of Slander
Drag My Name Under Your Heel

Our Relationship Is Vilified
And Doomed To Be Obtuse
Unless of Course We Look Straight Through
And Mend Each of Abuse

Frustration and Despair Have Been
The Strongest of Our Foes
I Hold My Hands Outstretched For Yours
And Pray You Don’t Oppose

But If This Is The End Just Know
My Heart Sits Next To Yours
Always Has and Always Will
Through all Our Make-Shift Wars

I Hold My Memory of You
In Very High Esteem
For all We’ve Done Together Now
In Chasing Every Dream

But My Hand Will Remain Open
Till The Day You Make It Whole
The Day When all This Emptiness
Can Finally Feel Full

I’m Waiting In Such Agony
Your Options: Please Do Weigh
Just Know You Mean The World To Me
I’m Sorry – What More Can I Say?

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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