– Elemental Weave –


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Elemental Weave

What Is It Doth Thou Still Not Get
When Speaking of Thy Soul
How Every Single Fiber
Is But One Strand of The Whole

And of That Awesome, Grandiose Loom
Lies Prophecies and Fates
Of all That’s Already Come To Pass
And Events of Unforeseen Dates

A Myriad of Miracles
And Mystifying Feats
A Menagerie of Mayhem
As The Past, Again, Repeats

Tell Me What Thou Seeketh
Manifesting Thoughts Unsaid
To Marvel at Thine Power
As Thy Weave With Blood-Stained Thread

What Is It Doth Thou Still Not See
When Side by Side, We Stand
How Every Single Soul Connects
The Loom To One More Strand

And of That Organized, Chaotic Loom
Exists Energy From all Thought Vibration
To Manifest a Reality That, With Faith
Shall Be Our Salvation

A Beautiful Disaster
With a Jolt of Daring Truth
Escalated by The Masses
As We Rear The Minds of Youth

Or an Ugly Actuality
That Really Is Worthwhile
Yet Either or The Truth
Is Always Somehow Made To Beguile

What Is It Doth Thou Still Not Know
When Contemplating Creation
How Every Single Second
Brings Us Closer To Harmonization

And of That Beautiful, Disastrous Loom
We Weave a Tale Made Ethereal
As The Mind and Soul Doth Coalesce
Of Burgeoning Immaterial

A Cornucopia of Creativity
Calling Upon Cognition
A Community of Collaboration
As Our Soul Carries Out Its Mission

Tell Me What Thou Thinketh
Gazing Out With Cryptic Eyes
As Unity and Love Shall Be
The Conduit To The Skies

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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