– Earth Vow –

Earth VowEarth Vow

The Wind Will Whistle
The Breeze Will Blow
The Air Will Envelope Everything
Time and Again The Call of The Wild
Is In Itself, a Blessing.

The Sky Is Cerulean
The Ground Is Beguiling
The Earth Is Enigmatic
The World Is Vast and Laid Before
Chaotically Systematic.

It Does Not Belong To any One Person
Nor any ‘One Living Thing’
It Belongs To Us all, as We all Share In Life
From Winter Through Cycle of Spring.

Our Roots Grow Deep as Our Home Expands
Forever Outside Our Four Walls
We Must Treat It as Such
While We Still Have The Chance
‘fore It Breaks as Above The Sky Falls.

The Earth Is Ours
The Land Is Laid Claim
To all of Every Origin

Make The Vow To Adopt It Now

You Own This Life

Now Take a Bow.

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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