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Down & Out - Up & AboutDown & Out – Up & About

Down You Fall
Falling Down
Falling Fast

With a Quickness
Far Out of Control

Deeper You Fall
Falling Down
Falling Deep

As The Darkness Chews
Into Your Soul

Farther You Fall
Falling Down
Falling Far

Seize The Collar
That Tightens Your Breath

Downwards You Fall
Falling Down
Falling Free

Waned Resistance
Is Suitable Death


To The Darkest of Depths
To a Void Made of Folly and Foul


Through The Deepest Abyss
Now a Shrouded and Black Hooded Cowl

Down Ever Still
As You Fall
Ever More

Falling Into
A Blind Qualm of Ruin

Down Falling Deep
As You Fall
Falling Far

Cannot Fathom – ‘Just What are You Doin?’

The Psyche Is Chaotic
The Mind Has Gone Numb
It Is Lost In Translation
More Adversity To Come

Thus You Cannot Continue
This Falling For Broke
It Is Eating Your Conscience
And Watching You Choke

So You’re Reaching Out Hoping
That I’ve Done The Same
That I’ll Slow Your Descent
Help You Spark a New Flame

Time To Cease Being Aimless
So To Fall Where You May
Time To Hold On To Hoping
You Will Have Your Day

Now Upwards You Climb
Climbing Up
Climbing Fast

With a Fervor
Revived Out of Gold

Higher You Climb
Climbing Up
Climbing High

With The Faith
That You Needed To Hold

Farther You Climb
Climbing Up
Climbing Far

To That Beacon
Of Light That You See

Upwards You Climb
Climbing Up
Climbing Free

With Enduring Belief
As Your Key


To a Place Far From Here
Where The Fruits of Our Labor are Won


Through The Realm of Contingency
Burning Despair by The Sun

Up Ever Still
As You Climb
Ever More

With My Influence Matching Your Stride

Up Climbing Far
As You Climb
Climbing High

With Intentions of Worth as Your Guide

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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