– Don’t Go –

Don't GoDon’t Go

You Try, You Hope, You Kick, You Scream
Yet Still It Holds On Tight
You Yell, You Shout, You Hate, You Cry
Yet Still It Makes You Fight

As Such, You Wish It all Away With
Frenzied Thoughts of Iron Will
Yet Even Still It Holds You Captive
While Your Luck’s Paying Its Bill

And Though a Demon On Thy Back
Doth Make The Debt Unfair and Steep
And Though Its Heavy Burdened Blunder
Makes Your Faith Fall Near The Deep

And Though You Long To Live Again
And Love The Life You Lead
And Even Though You Wish To End This
Darkened Gloom From Whence You Bleed

It Has This Way To Still Betray
And Sabotage Your Every Goal
It Has This Way of Snaking Back
And Then Again Taking Control

It Has This Way To Undermine
And Finds Your Every Loop and Hole
It Has This Way of Casting Shadows
As It Swallows Whole Your Soul

It’s Difficult To Find a Means of Ridding
This Corruption
Thus It’s Hard To Live a Life Set Free
From Such Tragic Disruption

Though Alas I Beg of Thee To Try And
Rid Thyself of Pain
The Strain of Pressure, Guilt, and Shame
And all That Grinds Against The Grain

Because No Matter How You Feel
Out There So Far Off & Alone
You Need Not Teeter On The Edge
And Face To Face That Vast Unknown

Because Although These Times are Hard
And Everyone Is Full of Greed
We Have The Love From Those Whom Care
Which Is The Only Thing We Need

As Such I Beg of Thee To Please
Come Back, We’ll Face This Life Together
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
We’ll Be Two Birds of a Feather

For If You Leave Us I Shall Drag My
Numbed Out Feet Across This Land
And Curse The Failure of My Efforts
To Make You Somehow Understand

So Please, I Ask of You To Wait With Me
We’ll Work This Out as One
You Are My Family and Confidante
Now Please, Put Down The Gun…

It Is Not Worth a Life Who’s Value Goes
Beyond That Which You Know
As Such Your Purpose Is Not Finished
Thus You Simply Cannot Go

For If You Do I Won’t Forgive
And If You Don’t I Won’t Forget
And I Shall Hug and Hold and Love You
So To Void Off all Regret

Because This World Has No Remorse
And Nothing Here Is Guaranteed
So We Shall Persevere as One To
Overcome and Then Succeed

And Once We Do We Shall Look Back
At Just How Close We’ve Touched The Brink
Then Cherish Just How Far We’ve Come
With Our Decision To ‘Re-Think’

So Don’t You Dare Go On Without It
Being Time For That To ‘Be’
And Don’t You Volunteer That Choice
For I Shall Highly Disagree

Do Not Go On To Greener Pastures
Till The One You’re In Is Gone
Because You’ve Plucked at Every Chance
You Had To Weed The Perfect Lawn

And as Full Circle as It Gets
Once You Have Ripened To an Age
When You are Chosen For a Path
That Lets You Peacefully Disengage

You May at THAT Time Take Your Leave
And Not a Moment Much Too Soon
So In These Future Times of Darkness
I’ll Feel Comfort ‘Neath The Moon

Till That Day Comes Let’s Make a Memory
As We Rid Our Minds of Strife
And Don’t Go On Without The Strength
To First Embrace Your Love of Life

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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