– Do Not Dwell –

Do Not DwellDo Not Dwell

I’m Trying To Resuscitate The Embers of Love
Of a Love Left Out In The Rain
I Try and I Try – That I Cannot Deny
Still The Effort Seems Lost and In Vain

I’m Trying To Keep ‘No Regrets’ as My Theme
Especially If It Once Made Me Smile
I Try and Apply This In all That I Do
And Stay Focused On The Very Next Mile

But Every So Often My Conscience Flairs Up
With a Guilt I’ve Succumbed To Obey
We’ve Brawled Back and Forth Whilst Brewing Ideas
Yet My Thoughts Always Tend To Go Stray

It’s Hard To Stand Tall With Your Back To The Wall
When You Feel Like Your Walls Want To Crumble
It’s Hard Seeing Lines When Your Lines Tie In Knots
– When You’re Breaking Down Into a Stumble –

I Try To Remember Just What You Had Said
On That Night That Now Seems Long Ago
I’m Trying To Read What Your Eyes Held Inside
But Like Mine They Had Lost That Sharp Glow

I’m Trying To Clear all The Haze From My Lids
So That Maybe The Sun Could Shine Free
I’m Trying To Rid all The Pain From My Heart
Thus My Mind To Be Rid of Debris

But Try as I Might I Still Feel This Sensation
Of Being Dragged Farther From Home
It’s Pulling My Arm Sleeves and Calling My Name
Then It’s Sending Me Off On My Own

It’s Hard To Break Free When You’re Broke From The Start
When Your Mind Simply Wants To Escape
It’s Hard To Escape When Your Body Is Numb
– And Your Dreams, One-By-One, Lose Their Shape –

But I’m Trying To Listen Not Simply Just Hear
Words of Faith Being Played On Repeat
Those That I’ve Heard and Plus Those That I’ve Seen
Also Those That I Have Yet To Meet

I’m Trying To Gather Each Last Ounce of Strength
That I’ve Kept On Reserve For This Feat
I’m Trying To Conjure What Hope Still Remains
Thus I Will Not Give In To Defeat

Yet Try as I Might There Is Still Much To Learn
For Each Day’s a New Day To Start New
To Shoot For The Stars and Above and Beyond
Then To Find There’s a Way To Pull Through

For It’s Easy To Plan and To Say What You’ll Do
But It’s Hard To Stay Geared On The Track
It’s Hard To Move On From a Love You Had Shared
– But It’s Easy To Never Look Back –

**** The Moral of The Story Is No Matter Where You’re From ****
No Matter Who You are or Seek To One Day Soon Become
Do Not Dwell On Sights Unseen or Moments That ‘Once Were’
Do Not Lose The Courage To Walk On Straight and Not Deter

Do Not Be an ‘Option’ But Thee Answer To The Goal
No Matter If It Burns or Aches – Express Your Inner Soul
Do Not Dwell On Actions Which Thus Cannot Be Reversed
No Matter If It’s ‘Second Best’ You’ll Always Come In First

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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