– Divinity –

Poetry In Psyche


You are Not The Skin That Sheathes The Bones
And Wraps ‘Round Nerves and Sinew
Neither are You Blood or Sweat, But Lo…
The Soul Within You

You are Not The Hair That Springs From Scalps,
Nor The Blemishes and Imperfections
But Rather, Energy, That Moves and Thinks
As We Bond With Each Physical Connection

You are Not The Clothes Which Burden The Body,
Or Shoes That Adorn The Feet
Yet Rather, an Aura; Vibrational Being,
As The Universe Makes Us Replete

You are Not The Job You’ve Grown To Resent
Or Career You’ve Learned To Love
For Love Is The Job, The Career We all Chose,
As The Source That Shall Guide Us Above

You are Not Your Mistakes, or Your Failures and Faults,
Or The Choices You Make; Bad or Good
Alas, You are Conscious, Aware and Alive –
Your Experience Shall Be as It Should

You are Not The Vehicle or Bicycle You Have,
Nor The Objects Encircling Your View
Instead, Your Worth Is Priceless
Beyond The Extent of all Timeless Value

You are Not The Money You’ve Earned and Saved,
Or The Paycheck You’ll Divide and Spend
But The Spirit, Deep Down, That Keeps Us Impassioned
And The Heart That’ll Help Us all Mend

You are Not The House That Shelters From Cold,
Nor The Place You Grew Up On The Street
As The Only Home We Subconsciously Know
Is The Spiritual Side, Made Complete

All The Above You are Not, Yet You Are,
Coalesced On This Nature Bound Sphere
This Refuge, This Challenge, This Earth Made of Life
Is Our Chance To Shine Light On Our Fears

Connected, We Are – To all People and Places,
Everything That Is Seen and Unseen
Awaken, Enlighten, and Transform Yourself
To Manifest Every Love Induced Dream

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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