– Difficult Desires –

Difficult DesiresDifficult Desires

So Much To Do
So Much To Get Done
So Much To Deal With Today.
So Many Plans
So Many Tasks
So Many I Can’t Even Say.

It Beats Me Down and Builds Me Up
To Begin With Next To Nothing.
This Daunting Task – So Huge & Complex
Will One Day Make Us Something.

Too Many Goals
Too Many Dreams
Too Many Choices To Make.
Too Many Thoughts
Too Many Ideas
Too Many Hopes To Take.

I’d Take Them all If I Had The Room
Yet Alas, I am Only One Person.
To Find Your Niche – Your Passion – Desire
Won’t Enable Your Life To Worsen.

For It’s Better To Feel Like You’re Moving Ahead
No Matter How Rough It May Be,
Than To Feel Like The World Has Left You Behind
With a Woe – Is – Me Guarantee.

The Fight For Your Future Is One You Can’t Lose
Else You Risk Missing Out On a Lot.
Live, Love, Life and Be all You Can Be
For That Is What Cannot Be Bought.

So Much To Do
So Much To Get Done
So Much To Deal With Today.
I’ll Take It all In Strides & Steps
I’ll Forget all The Disarray.

I’ll Forge My Path Through Thick and Thin
And Show Them Who’s Here To Stay.
I’ll Lift My Chin Each Time It Hangs Low
For I Know I Can Find My Way.

We’ll Honor The Words That We Promised Ourselves
‘Success, Ambition & Truth’
We’ll Journey These Depths Without Looking Back
And Donate Each Day of Our Youth…

Into Finding That Which Is Best For Us
That Which Knows Us Both Inside & Out.
So Before You Say That It Cannot Be Done
Look How Far You Have Come Without Doubt.

We are Farther Ahead Than You Thought We Would Be
More Than You Knew That We Could.
Now Is The Time To Take What We’ve Learned
And Apply What We’ve Understood.

From Years of Learning and Gradual Improvement
We are Ready To Solidify a Choice.
Now all We Need Is The Time To Prepare
To Break Free and To Raise Our Voice.


© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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