– Destiny –


Somewhere Out There Far Away
Your Destiny Lies In Wait
Somehow, Somewhere, Someway
This Is Truth – Not Up For Debate

Crouch Real Low and Scope Things Out
This Mountain’s Getting Bigger
Holster Faith Without a Doubt
Is Your Finger On The Trigger?

Somewhere Out There Near or Far
Success – It Calls Your Name
Ride With Me, Get In The Car
“Ten-Hut,” Get In The Game

Close Your Eyes and Draw Your Line
Your Senses Turned Acute
You’re Ready Now, This Goal Is Yours
So Take Your Aim and Shoot

Somewhere Out There – Somewhere Near
Your Fate Is Served Up Hot
Rev’ It Up, Switch Into Gear
You Know What’s Right & What’s Not

You’re In This Now – No Looking Back
Your Commitment Is Devout
Quickly, Smoothly Lap The Track
With That – Here’s To You – Signing Out…

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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