– Desperate Defiance –

Desperate DefianceDesperate Defiance

I Soak Myself In Water
Seeping Hatred, Colored Black
As It Then Fills My Every Pore
And Runs Like Daggers Down My Back

I’ll Let The Water Fill Each Fiber
Every Cranny, Nook and Hole
Until I’m Drenched In all Impurities
And It’s Touch Breaches My Soul

Then While It’s Icy Inundation
Turns To Blazoned Waves of Heat
I Shall But Wash It’s Pure Enigma
From My Scalp Unto My Feet

I Will Immerse Myself Within It’s Depths
And Sense Its Spiteful Stare
Until I Hold My Breath and Close My Eyes
And Feel Its Weight I Bear

I Can Feel It Pushing Heavily
As I’m Slowly Pulled Down Under
While The Weight of Every Sin
Begins To Suffocate and Blunder

Till I’m Choking On The Bubbles
As They Pop In Screams of Fear
And Till I’m Left With This Seclusion
Of My Own Death Drawing Near

As Such I’ll Wallow Here Awhile
As It’s Murkiness Gets Thicker
Till The Water Turns To Muddy Pools
And Swallows My Hope Quicker

Like Some Quicksand Made of Gutted Dreams
And Lives That Could Have Been
And Like a Wave-Pool Made of Parodies
From all This Luck Turned Sin

And Like an Ocean Made of Karma
Set To Cleanse Away My Chance
And Like a River of Injustice
As The Devil Does His Dance

I’ll Merely Bathe Amidst This Poisoned Hell
And Dive Amidst The Deep
Then I Shall Cry From ‘Neath Its Endless Depths
While Tears Get Lost In Sleep

And I Shall Scrub Away This Torment
And Sequester any Air
Alas I’ll Overflow My Thinking
Till I’m Presented With a Dare

A Rightful Dare That’s Sorely Needed
From a Worthy Outside Source
A Desperate Source That Must Be Fought For
As It Guides You Back On Course

Doth Say: I Dare You (Insert Name)
To Please Arise Beyond This Place
To Please Allow Yourself Some Hope
And Rid The Grudge From Off Your Face

Doth Tell: I Dare You (Insert Name)
To Please Forgive The Wrongs You’ve Made
To Please Allow Yourself Some Credit
So Your Hate May Slowly Fade

Doth Speak: I Dare You (Insert Name)
To Please Remember Those You Love
To Please Arise Above The Surface
So To Give Your Doubt a Shove

Doth Plead: I Dare You (Insert Name)
To Dry Your Eyes Again Once More
From all Your Burdens Wet and Heavy
All Your Sins Made Broke and Sore

I Dare You Only Once
For Only Once Is all You Need
That You Please Rise From Out The Water
So Your Life May Then Proceed

So You May Journey On To Moments
That You’d Never Know Were There
Had You Not Heard Your Own Confessions
Then Regardless – Took That Dare!

See Now I Realize The Truth
Within The Presence of This Plea
As I Do Listen, Open-Minded
At The Thought of Being Freed

Then Suddenly a Light Is Shone
A Weight Is Being Cleared
A Breeze Hits Supple Skin
And all My Fears Have Disappeared

As Though I Have Been Cleansed
From Close Injustice Thinking Death
I Now So Firmly Stand Anew
And Breathe In Deep a Brand New Breath

Breanne Katherine
© All Rights Reserved

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