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Culture On CueCulture On Cue

Long After Midnight With Eyes Wide Closed
A Dance With The Devil Ensues
A Dark, Dismal Playground For Sad, Idle Hands
As Lust Softly Whimpers Its Ruse

Reality Beckons – Reality Bites
Each Stereotypical Claim
Figureheads & Median Deities
Worshipped For Beauty and Fame…

What Happened To Justice? Who Threw Away Hope?
Who Said Chivalry all But Doth Lives?
No Good Deed Seems To Go Unpunished
When We Live Amongst Liars and Sieves

Government Diplomacy and Constitutional Rights
Presidential Amendments and More
In Other Words; You Might Call It a Joke
And ‘Politically Correct’ Is a Bore

Freedom of Speech; Greatly Cuffed, Slowly Capped
Over-Sanitized, Save For Deceit
Do Not Mingle With Envy or Make Sore Your Pride
Else Your Prudence Will Fall Obsolete

Let’s Add War To This Outrage While The Fire Is Hot
Let Us Dabble In Bloodshed and Death
“An Eye For an Eye Makes The Whole World Blind”
Said a Wise Man Upon His Last Breath

In The Name of Thy War: Do We Fight For Our Freedom?
Does Our Faith Make all Killing Okay?
You’d Get Away With Murder, In The Name of The Law
If You Learn How To Lie and Betray

We’re Gluttons For Punishment, Our Greed Makes Us Dull
As Both Anger and Waistbands Expand
Instead We Must Focus On Fortitude, Strength –
And The Courage To Reach Out a Hand

Also, For The Record; These Auto Tuned Beats
Making Sex, Drugs, and Money ‘The Rule’
They’re Lacking Real Passion, Albeit a Few
Whom Have Utilized ‘Unique’ as Their Tool

We all Strive For a Difference; In Ourselves, In Our World
Though at Times It Doesn’t Seem To Suffice
The Next Great Big Thing – Next American Idol
Yet Notoriety Comes With a Price

Allow Yourself Virtue, Ambition and Happiness
Seek Friendship and Practice Strong Will
Be Tempered by The Conviction of Others
And Powered With Love, Luck, and Pure Skill

For The Sake of Curiosity, I Must Ask One More Thing…
Do You Align Your Belief With Your Heart?
Love Is My Religion – For Those Who Don’t Believe
Why Let Apathy Tear Things Apart?

Love Doth Giveth as Hate Taketh Away
Though I’m Smitten by Choice, I Admit
Is It Really That Hard To Express What You Feel…
Say ‘I Love You’, Then Say ‘Jinx You’re It’

‘It’ as In Whom? – As The One I Admire
Eat Your Heart Out and Sleep On Its Core
YouTube My Vision and Google My Fate
Just Be Warned; Misconception – I Abhor

Heed These Words and Don Them Well
Thy Lesson For Ears of any Age
Culture Continues To Sculpt and Define
Our Storybook ‘Life’ On Each Page…

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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