– CrossRoads –


I’m Standing at a Crossroads Trying To Map Out My Destiny
And as Usual I Feel Out of Place.
The Days Come and Go; Indecisive I am
As The Unsettling Winds Pick Up Pace.

They Pull Me In One Direction and Push Me In Another
In an Effort To Make Up My Mind.
The Longer I Remain To Calculate Each Choice
The Sooner I Risk Going Blind.

I’m Standing at a Crossroads With a Pencil In Hand
For I Know Not To Write Things In Pen.
This Way It’s Not Permanent, There Is Room For Mistake
Erase – and Then Try Again.

Yet It’s Taking Much Time To Get Things ‘Just Right’
And I Fear I Won’t Figure This Out.
The Longer I Wait. . . . and Choose To Debate,
The Louder I Just Want To Shout!

I’m Standing at a Crossroads Slowly Turning In Circles
But Never To Make That First Move.
‘Thought’ Is Good – But ‘Action’ Is Great
Thy Courage To Move Forward I Shall Prove.

Taking Risk With Your Life Is What Makes It So Sweet
For You Appreciate all That You Love.
Moments That are Passed and Overwhelming Decisions
Are Things I Must Learn To Let Go of.

I’m Standing at a Crossroads – Stuck In The Middle
As Images of Others Pass By.
I Reach Out For Assistance, Support, and Some Guidance;
Though Difficult To Receive a Reply.

This Leaves Me Intent To Work Hard For Myself
So I Too Can Be On My Way.
Foreclose all The Paths But The One I Deem Right
Then Paint a Perfect Picture – One Day.

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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