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There’s a Lot To Be Said For a Canvas So Blank
As It Speaks On It’s Own at all Levels
Every Frequency Notched, Every Secret Unveiled
All The Whispers From Angels and Devils

Before One Letter Written, or Sentence Constructed
Or any Punctuation In Place
A Canvas So Blank Leaves Us Rich With a World
Where Creation Can Fill In The Space

An Endless Hurrah Where The Swirling of Paint
Or The Penciling In of Fine Lines
Makes an Artist Go Daft at The Endless Array
Of Ideas To Be Used as Designs

A Deftly Made Sculpture of Grand Masterpiece
Or a Work of Ideas and Raw Thought
A Project of Passion or Outlet of Pain
With a Soul Some Might Dub ‘Juggernaut’

Art Is an Essence So Bravely Embraced
By The Ones Whom Dare Speak With Their Soul
By Harnessing That Which Is So Deeply Sown
That It Fluctuates It’s Own Self-Control

A Poetical Power Through Various Forms
As It’s Molded and Carved by The Mind
A Method of Madness With Meaning Therein
By a Wonder Made So Well-Refined

Capricious by Nature – Ideas Overflowing
To Waters Where Into, We Flow
Performance, Perfection, and Pleasure Untold
Our Potential Shall Never Plateau

Thus Vibrations From Music and The Melody of Earth
Does Indeed Captivate & Enthrall
The Artistry Shared Through Desires of Flesh
Eke Out Stunning Creators In All

Be It Something So Humble With Baubles and Bells
Or a Sinister Work of Release
Catharsis and Passion & All In Between
Help Make all Art It’s Own Unique Piece

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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