– Commitment –


I’m Looking Through The Glass at Times That Seem So Out of Reach
At Moments When My Faith In You Was Subconsciously Breached
With all My Heart I Beg For You To Somehow Learn To Love
That What You Have In Front of You Is Someone Worthy Of

Second Chances Give or Take a Few Along The Side
Have Tested Our Commitment Where The Trust Has Been Applied
For all I Know Is What I Have and Choose Not To Forget
Serendipity Is Irony, I Do Believe We’ve Met

I’m Writing You These Words and I Shall Seal Them With a Kiss
In Hopes That When You See Them They May Help You Reminisce
Think Embers of a Dying Love That Bore Itself a Hole
Then Sewed Itself Together With The Dignity It Stole

This Power of Proposal Is a Meeting of The Minds
Your Love For Thee Is Beautiful Albeit How It Binds
I Owe It all To You Although I’m Liable In Cause
Your Partnership Was Prudent and For You I Cue Applause

I Wonder Every Now and Then If Hope Was In Disguise
If Maybe You’d Come Speak To Me With Vulnerable Eyes
My Honor To The Vows We Made Will Have You Reassured
That ‘less Something Awry Takes Place My Ardor Is Secured

Judging Insecurely Is Anathema To Health
A Succubus That Taints The Mind With Cruel Malicious Stealth
Liberate The Mind of Each Debilitative Thought
Let’s Build Upon The Present and Avoid Being Distraught

I Know Some Things We Said or Did Was Mainly Out of Spite
That Feeling of ‘Misunderstood’ Despite Who’s Wrong or Right
Continue On To Live Out Loud and Let all Feelings Known
It’s Time We Have Ourselves In Check Through Every Stick and Stone

Condolences To Where We Were & Won’t Be any Longer
This Tethered Knot of Union Justly Made Us That Much Stronger
I Love at Your Convenience as I’m Sure You Do The Same
Three Cheers For all The Work We’ve Done; My Love (Please Insert Name)

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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