– Come What May –

Come What May

Come What May

Ándale! Ándale!
Hither New Moon
Unnatural Feeling
Doth Peaks Much Too Soon

Soon For Skirting and Scrounging
And Paving The Way
Hearts of Wholesome Ambition
Breathe Hopeful This Day

Day of Cycling Synergy
Juggling Nerve
With Ablution Made Numbing
Life Deems Thee Deserve

Come What Be, Come What May
Clamor Unto The Fray
As We Steel Our Connections of Truth
Thinking Thoughts of Raw Soul
As To Balance The Whole
We Beseech Thee, Surrender Thy Sooth

Ándale! Ándale!
Forward New Dawn
Worshipped & Welcomed
Before It’s Long Gone

Gone by Mincing and Melting
And Thirsting For More
As The First Beams of Sunlight Splash
Over The Shore

Shores of Time, Doth Eternal
Veiled In Such a Fine Mist
As Each Moment Turns Echo
Thou Now Shall Exist

Come What Be, Come What May
Leaden Thoughts Breakaway
As Illusion of Choice Skirts The Fold
Speaking Tongues of Raw Thought
From Convenience Begot
By The Power Within Thus Untold

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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