– Blessed and Thankful –

Poetry In Psyche

Blessed and Thankful

To all I Have In Front of Me
This Second Now Exact
I’m Blessed by Such a Bounty
With True Love Made Well Intact

To all I Bear Connections With
Whom Offer Precious Time
I’m Thankful For The Chance You Gave
To Listen To This Rhyme

To Life, a Beauteous Struggle
Which We all Know all Too Well
I’m Blessed To Be a Part
Of Our Combined Story To Tell

To Dreams We all Are Wanting
And To Memories We Shall Make
I’m Thankful For The Journey
That Together We Shall Take

To Those Whom We Are Missing
And To Those Whom May Have Passed
I’m Blessed That Hope’s Forever
As The One Thing That Can Last

To Everything I Own and Touch
And Everything I See
I’m Thankful Just To Feel and Hear
I’m Sure We’d all Agree

To Everything I’m Granted
And To Everyone I Owe
I’m Blessed by Each Experience
As They all Are Times To Grow

To Everything I’ve Ever Known
Each Smile, Every Tear
I’m Thankful Just To Say Once More
I’m Happy To Be Here

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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