– Birthday Wishes –

Birthday WishesBirthday Wishes

Another Year Lived
With New Memories Sown
Thus Another Year Wiser
Another Year Grown

A Time To Reflect
On Your Choices Thus Far
Astrological Entryway
Written From Stars

Be You Scorpio, Pisces,
A Taurus, or Other
Aquarius, Sagittarius,
Or Maybe Another

Like Capricorn, Leo,
Or Even an Aries
They all Have Us Think
Our Nativity Varies

Though No Matter
What Symbols or Context Bestowed
We are Still Human Nature
As Time Doth Forebode

Thus Another Year Closes
To Open Up Room
So Our Hearts, Minds, and Lives
May Yet Edge Towards Full-Bloom

As Our Wisdom Doth Broadens
As Numbers Increase
We are Aged Yet Anew
Are Our ‘Last’ Rests In Peace

Wish For Something Well Thought Of
That No One Will Know
As You Blow Out The Candles
That Flicker and Glow

Feel Yourself Quicken
To Liven The Beat
Of The Drum In Your Heart
As New Life – You Shall Greet

Wish Abundance of Smiles
And Eons of Laughter
That Starts In This Moment
On Till Ever After

Wish Time as a Friend
As It Aides You On Through
As You Blow Out The Candles
Happy Birthday To You

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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