– Back (and Forth) –

Back (and Forth)Back (and Forth)

A Wave From You So Far Away
– Kind Smile Lulling Sweet –
A Wink or Two To Simply Say
“Thou’ Mustn’t Skip a Beat”

(An Eyebrow Raised Incredulous)
– Thy Hazy Grin Mocked Blind –
(A Tweak Just To Unjustly Delude)
“Don’t Fall, Don’t Fall Behind”

A Breeze of Air From Up Ahead
– Warm Whispers Graze The Skin –
Golden Thoughts Thus Brought To Light
The Heart Thus Lies Within…

(An Arm of Force To Block The Route)
– Cold Wall of Cruel Turned Black –
(Hardened Hate With Poisoned Guns)
Laid Aim Upon Thy Back

Eyes Upturned To Infinite Skies
– Solicitous Hope Unnerved –
A Trek To Haul With Gumptious Glee
Thy Fate Thus Held ‘Reserved’

(Corrupted Thoughts That Cripple Thee)
– Such Grave Inclinations Turned Rot –
(Wicked Laughter That Swarms & Stings)
Spits Feebly, “No You Cannot!”

Ingenious Thoughts That Cradle Thee
– A Dream Set To Be On Each Star –
Courageously Shun all Hate & Despair
Thus Declare, “Yes You Can and You Are!”

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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