– Are You Ready? –

Are You ReadyAre You Ready?

The Storm Is Coming
Can You Sense It?
Its Electric Pulse On Edge

The Wind Is Brewing
Can You Feel It?
Its Hollowed Chilling Pledge

Be Ready, Be Waiting
For Lightning To Strike
To Pierce Its Way Into Your Soul

Fearing, Anticipating
Thunder To Rip
Consume Itself Out of Control

Barricade The Boundaries!
Steal Cover From Sins!
Hide With The Hopeless!
Before It Begins!

Burn The Bridge of Abhorrence!
And Lock Each Loose End!
Abominable Fear!
Gear Your Mind To Contend!

Shhh, Now Be Calm
Be It Uttered With Truth
Though Such Sorrow We Suffer
We’re Connected Through Ruth

Look Hither –

The Rain Is Falling
Can You See it?
Its Merciless Inundation

The Blood Is Spreading
Can You Taste It?
Its Ethereal Damnation

Be Waiting, Be Ready
For Flames To Engulf
To Eat Its Way Through Flesh and Bone

Be Brave and Be Steady
When Earth Cracks Apart
Sending Shards of Our Soul Thus Unknown

Resist The Resentment!
Defend From Despair!
Believe In This Bargain!
Thus Seemingly Unfair!

Ignite Each Indifference!
Regard Each Respect!
Make Haste With Each Mercy!
Astound Thee – Affect!

Shhh, Now Hush
Be It Whispered With Care
That The Love Which We Share
Will Endure This I Swear…

To Close and Dispense
Opens Doors To Commence
The Reunion Our Love Sought To Bear

To Volley and Vanquish
Each Feasible Anguish
Enables Our Love To Be Spared

These are The Words
Of a Calling On High
Thus Enriching The Lives of The Dead

Although We Have Bled
Till The Waters Ran Red
And The Weapons Thus Turned On Our Own
We Have Witnessed The Cruelty Befalling Our Kind

– All Along We Were Never Alone –

Shhh, Now Listen
Your Heartbeat Must Steady
For Fear Is The Easy Way Out
Take Hold of My Hand
And Do Not Let It Go
For Your Hope I Cannot Be Without

If This Is The End
Then Remember These Words
For They May Be The Last That You Hear
The Tide Will Come Swiftly and Wash Every Tear
Let’s Unite On This Final Frontier

The Darkness Will Sheathe Thee
Consume all Your Worries
Disabling The Hate From The Sick
The Good From The Evil Will Separate Lives
So Be Near When The Scythe Cuts The Quick

If This Is The End
Then Remember These Words
For Their Meaning Goes Out To all Ears
This Isn’t The End of Our Hearts and Our Minds
No Matter How Bad This Appears

Our Souls Will Be Swept Back Into The Loop
Like Infinite Beings of Mirth
Our Spirits Will Guide Us Back Into The Cycle
Thus Granting Our Lives Its Rebirth

Aside From This Ending That Wrenches Our Lives
There Is No Where To Turn or To Hide
So Instead Become One With Your Body and Mind

– We’ll Unite On The Other Side –

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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