– Another Time –

Another TimeAnother Time

Another Day Comes
Another Day Goes
And On and On
For None Can Oppose
That Which Cannot Close

Not Ever – Not Yet
Till The Sun Doth Cease To Set
Falls Into The Ocean and We’re All
Drenched and Wet

Chaos Corrupts Into Beautiful Art
As The Earth Doth Fall Apart
Into Rough Shards Relentless
Bloody and Bruised
The Target Is Straight Through The Heart

Another Night Comes
Another Night Goes
Never Waits & Never Slows
Pushing Time To Pressure Time
Why? Not Anyone Knows

So Eager To Age
So Eager To Live
So Eager To Have It All
So Eager To Rise
So Eager To Win

You’re Eager To Watch Yourself Fall

For In The End
What Is and Once Was
Was Merely a Test of Fate
Those That Breathe On Borrowed Breath
Should Live Each Moment – Not Wait

Another Life Comes
Another Life Goes
As Is Law For Those of The Living
A New Exhale In – an Old Exhale Out
Fate Is Unforgiving

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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