– Angel Aura –

Angel Aura

Angel Aura

Though I Lapse In Judgment Sometimes
Wishing You’re Still Here
I’ll Always Know Your Aura
In My Heart, Remains So Near

Unto The Skies I Search For You
To See Your Smiling Face
In Hopes One Day Beside You
Is Reserved To Be My Place

That One Day I Shall See You
And Be With You Once Again
To Reunite Forever
Once My Life Has Reached It’s End

For I Truly Cannot Wait
For an Eternal Time To Be
When Gate’s of Heavens Glory
Open Doors That Set Me Free

Free To Fly Through Heavens
With Your Presence by My Side
With Happiness and Peace
Now So Immensely Amplified

But Till That Time Has Come
I Realize Why I Must Stay
A Purpose Here On Earth I Serve
I Mustn’t Turn Away

But Still I Ache For You Once More
And Reach Out For Your Hand
As Memories of You Fly By
It’s Hard To Understand

Why Someone So Amazing
Has Been Taken From My Life
As Answers To Each ‘Why’
Would Leave Me Writhing In More Strife

And So Instead of Seeking Solace
In The Reasons Why You’ve Gone
I’ll Focus More On Energies
That So Sweetly Call Anon

The Semblance of Spirit
In The Ones You’ve Left Behind
A Beauty In The Atmosphere
Where Love’s Returned In Kind

The Twinkle In Your Eye at Night
Reminds Me of That Love
How Somewhere In The Brazen Clouds
You Guide From Up Above

How Moonlight Shines So Clear
Upon The Darkness of My Shores
I Think Their Guiding Light and Love
Are Always Somehow Yours

When Rains So Heavy Wet The Land
And Drain My Eyes of View
Remembrance of Your Laughter
Keeps Me Warm With Thoughts of You

As Such I Find Myself In Search
Of Moving Through This Pain
To Find Myself Without You as I
Struggle To Stay Sane

Then Once The Moment Passes
I Again Remember ‘Why’
Why I am Left To Live My Life
As You So Freely Roam The Skies

So Be at Peace My Sweet, Fair Angel
With Your Wings So Brilliant White
And You Shall Be With Me In Spirit
As I Bide My Time Each Night

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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