– Always & Never –

Always & Never

Always & Never

Time Doth Elude
Ripples Out
Endless Wave
As Enigma In Essence Churns New

Whether Harrow or Help
O’er any and All
Thou Ought Always To Oneself Be True

For To Reckon and Reason
Thro’ Each Change of Season
There’s Value In Faith of Ability

Be It Pensive and Pliant
Astute or Reliant
Thou Ought Never Say Improbability

Tis’ Each Fore-Ordained Virtue
That Fate Rolls The Die
From Flamboyant To Musky Demure

There Is Strength In High Places
Where Hope Doth Believe
Thou Ought Always at All Odds Endure


Time Is Eternal
Black Void
Mankind Doth Inflate Their Regimes

Though Thy Government Counsels
And Rules Bend and Sway
Thou Ought Never Astray From Thy Dreams

For To Strive Toward Goals
And To Pacify Duels
There Is Honor In Honing Thy Skill

Be It Steadfast and Graceful
Unique or Distasteful
Thou Always Ought Practice Strong Will

Tis’ Each Birthright by Law
That Thy Life Weaves It’s Thread
So To Conjure a Web of Reaction

There Is Trust In Such Schemes
As There Always Shall Be
Thou Ought Never Subdue To Inaction


Time Is Omniscient
As Piety Hammocks Thy Mission

Though Allegiance – Subjective
An Optional Route
Thou Ought Always Have Faith In Thy Vision

For To Doubt In Distress
And To Wallow a Mess
There Are Lessons Imbued In Wrong Choice

Be It Complex and Crazy
Unnerving or Hazy
Thou Ought Never Surrender Thy Voice

Tis’ Each Righteous Dictation
That Serves Thy Ordeals
As Propriety Forms Thy Own Route

There Is Hope To Be Salvaged
For all Whom Believe
Thou Ought Never Give In To Thy Doubt

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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