– 9/11 Pray For Heaven –

911 - Pray To Heaven9/11 Pray For Heaven

– A Woman’s Smile –
– A Grown Mans Laugh –
– A Childs Blatant Sigh –

– A Fathers Grin –
– A Mothers Grace –
– A Babies Careless Cry –

The Murmur of The Atmosphere
Was Jovial and Kind
Until The Man Pulled Out His Gun
And Time Seemed To Unwind

Two Shots Rang Out – Both Clear as Day
As Screams Erupted Forth
Hijacked! We Have Come To Learn
The Plane Switched Course Due North…

Their Animus With Wicked Eyes
Was Powerful and Strong
Talking With Their Voices Low
We Knew Something Was Wrong…

They Yelled at Us and Aimed Their Guns
‘Please God, Don’t Let Us Die’
Freedom Lie Just Through This Glass
The Windows – To The Sky…

– A Woman’s Fright –
– A Grown Mans Plea –
– A Childs Blatant Fear –

– A Fathers Fight –
– A Mothers Might –
– A Babies Final Tear –

Seconds Now Before The End
This Circumstance Unjust
Moments Left To Say Your Peace
Before We’re Turned To Dust

Sweat Began To Trickle
As Reality Sunk In
Who Would Tell The Ones Back Home
The Cause of This Great Sin?

Panic Seeped Into The Soul
Of Every One On Board
Faith Was Held In High Regard
As all Now Sought The Lord

Turbulence Got Rickety
As Knuckles Turned To White
As Quick as It Had all Began
Hot Blackness Quelled Their Sight

– A Woman’s Soul –
– A Grown Mans Wings –
– A Childs Blatant Cease –

– A Fathers Joy –
– A Mothers Love –
– A Babies Final Peace –

*Blink* Your Eyes and Death Had Come
Destruction Rippled *Crash*
Onlookers Watched as Mayhem Reaped
As Lives Were Burned To Ash

As Thousands Died and Millions Cried
The Wreckage Billowed Smoke
Fiery Plumes of Tongue-Lashed Flames
As Streets Began To Choke

The Aftermath Was Felt For Miles
Weeks and Years On End
The Power of Our Jurisdiction
Made Soldiers Out of Men

United Now Beneath One Truth
‘America The Brave’
The Ones Who Died We’ll Not Forget
The Lives With Which They Gave

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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