– 7 Deadly Sins & 7 Heavenly Virtues –

Poetry In Psyche

7 Deadly Sins & 7 Heavenly Virtues

Relax and Breathe – It’s Alright To Be Proud
But Take It In Moderation
Don’t Boast, Don’t Brag – Be Humble, Have Faith
Else Your Ego Will Be Your Damnation

It’s Better To Learn How To Laugh at Yourself
Before Someone Else Teaches You How
Humility Gifts Us The Freedom To Choose
What We Will or Will Not Allow

Such as Lust of all Kinds Toward People and Things
As We Choose To or Not Remain Chaste
All The While Our Tendencies of Nature Grab Hold
As Our Fallacies Become Interlaced

So Please If You Can – Do Not Flatter Yourself
Yet Believe You’re Deserving of Love
Respect Your Own Value & Honor Its Worth
Not Your Thirst For Desire Thereof…

Because Such Things May Lead To Insatiable Greed
As We Ravenously Devour Our Lot
Rather, Charity Reaps Such Harmony
Thus Altruism Ought Always Be Sought

Wealth, as It Were, Is an Honorary Blessing
Yet Also a Poisonous Curse
Use Prudence, Rather Than Covetous Judgment
Else Arrogance Turns For The Worse

Such as Hoarding Our Blessings, Possessive With Need
As We Binge On The Meat of Disgust
This Gluttonous Breach In The Fiber of Life
Keeps Us Pinned To The Point of Mistrust

Thus It’s Crucial To Carry The Air of Raw Hope
That In Time We’ll Surrender This Mask
So That Temperance and Truth and all Things Between
Shall Be Put To The Test If We Ask

Yet Maybe This Leads To a Route Made Unsavory
That Wreaks of a Wrath In Constriction
As Subconscious Thinking, Emotion & Action
Balk In The Crux of Contradiction

Yet We Keep Ourselves Slaved To The Notion
Of Anger – We Justify Each Hot, Burning Coal
Forgiveness, Instead, Has The Power To Heal
All Transgressions That Burden The Soul

Awaken Your Senses and Lighten Your Steps
Then Fasten Your Fortitude Tight
It Is Never Too Late To Start Up Anew
No Matter The Depths of The Plight

Why Let Sloth Inhibitions and Setbacks Amount
When Your Goal Is So Close You Could Taste It?
Fortitude, Diligence, Unwavering Faith
Are The Keys You Will Need To Embrace It

We’re all Jaundiced by Others, It’s Societal Law
Why Let That Diminish Belief?
Hope Can Move Mountains Despite The Unknown
Allow Kindness To Grant You Relief

For Envy Is Wasteful, Admiration Is Tasteful
Be Inspired and Support One Another
Life Has Many a Choice as With Lessons To Learn
Yet I Wouldn’t Dare Trade For any Other

© CC License
Breanne Katherine

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