– Take It or Leave It –

Take It or Leave It

Look Me In The Eyes and Let Me Know I Have Your Heart
Grab Me by The Thighs and Show Me How You Play Your Part
Tell Me That You’re Hungry For a Full Course Meal Tonight
I’ll Serve It Hot and Fresh Then Make Dessert So Extra Tight

Take It Nice & Slow – We’ll Have The Whole World Set On Pause
Make Me Clench Not Just My Toes and Bring Out all Ten Claws
Let Me Kiss Along Your Neck and Nibble On Each Ear
Let Me Grab That Glove So I Can Work That Piece of Gear

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– One Act of Kindness –

One Act of Kindness

A Young Woman Moseyed Her Way On Through Town
As She Passed a Café She’s Never Been
She’s Passed It Before, a Thousand Times or More
But This Time She Decided To Go In

She Sat On Red Vinyl and Ordered a Coffee
Then Panned The Contents of The Room
All at Once She Took Note of The Old Man In Suede
As He Stopped In Deep Thought Then Resumed

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